About VeriBot

  • Healthcare Sectors (Pharmaceuticals, Medical Supplies)

    Imagine seeing your child suffering from malaria, one of the biggest killers of children across the world. Symptoms include high fever, sweating, vomiting and convulsions. But it's OK, you think, because you bought medicine to combat the disease from a local drugs market.
    Now imagine what it must be like to see your child die nonetheless because the drugs you bought were fake. That is the brutal reality of the multi-billion dollar a year global trade in counterfeit drugs.

Our Campaign

With more than 16million people actively using Facebook in Nigeria monthly, we believe Facebook bot can help combat fake products in the marketplace. As part of the Sustainable Development Goals, which is to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all age, we developed VeriBot, a Facebook bot medicine verification application that can easily and effectively identify fake drugs, as well as expired drugs before consumers even leave the pharmacy.

With our authentication application, consumers can simply chat with the bot, scratch the label on the packaging of the drug and input the set of unique numbers to verify if a medicine is authentic or not. In response, the bot notifies the customers immediately whether or not a drug is legitimate or not; It prompts you with the expiring date of the drug. If a fake product is found, the consumer current location is collected immediately and a hotline number to call pops up on the customer's phone in order to report the fake product to the appropriate authorities

Our Expert Team

Diverse, but cohesive, our team comprises a close group of people passionate about building an anticounterfeit bot we can be proud of and our customers satisfied with.